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Phone: 55733305

The Audio Karaoke Jukeboxes are the most popular, they allow your guests to let their hair down, you would be surprised who comes out of the woodwork when the karaoke starts.

You can be assured there is music for all ages as our music ranges from the 50s thru to the most recent and is updated every month with the latest top 20. In the karaoke we use only original artists which you can sing along with or flick a switch to drop the original artist into the background to make the karaoke singer the main singer.

The easy use software is controlled by 7 button to let you move up and down through the song list and select you song.

We supply 2 microphones for use with the karaoke or speaches.

Our pricing is very competitive and our Audio Karaoke jukebox is $195 delivered in our normal delivery area.


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